Lankan Life pt. 3

by Anouk Van Tiel October. 27, 2018 478 views

Alright, took me a bit longer than one week to put some new photos up here. What have I been up to? Good question. I am working on a new photo project that has something to do with freedom and with surfing. So you can find me on the beaches making portraits of local surf boys. Which is a fun thing to do. And big plus, you get a tan of it! I think skateboarding and surfing is quite similar so took a bus to a skateparc too.

Some of the things that give a smile on my face here: the woman next to me in the bus who kind of finger dipped her fingers in purple nail polish, which worked out interesting, Blacky (our Labrador puppy of almost 4 months) running around in circles like somebody is following him, a man cycling (really cycling) with a bed frame around him, running into a cat meeting when going home from the supermarket.

There are also some things where I am almost sick of: tuktuk drivers asking if I want a tuktuk to somewhere (Hello Madam, where you go? you want a tuktuk? Very cheap, local price), ticketmen in the bus who assure me that they will tell me where to get of because I don't know, and then completly forget about me so I end up 10 kilometers more South then I supposed to be (this happend more than once!), MOSQUITOS are the most terrible animals on the planet, eventhough beach flies come pretty pretty close to being most terrible.

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