Lankan Life pt. 4

by Anouk Van Tiel November. 08, 2018 468 views

Yesterday I secretly fell a bit in love with a 21 years old kidd. He was full of energy and joy, bumping like a bouncing ball with his nice curly hairs. I took the bus to Midigama, to make some photos for a magazine (will put a link online here when the photos are published). In Midigama there is a little skatepark for the local kidds and any tourist who passes by with a board. In the off season the park is more like a swimmingpool, but these days are sunny. So the boys are out there. They are playing music, boarding a bit and chilling, exactly what you imagine with the island life. In the afternoon they get their surfboards and surf way better than the tourists out in the ocean.

Of course we do have some rainy days, island life is not really always sunny, beachy and chilly. Sri Lanka is definitely a country what is based on an outside life, so when it is rainy there is not so much to do. Apart from when you have a printer and many photos to print. So on rainy days, I edit my book or I make drawings or I read about surfing/about freedom or about philosophy.

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