The Sun Sets on The Mother Road

by Dennis Crowley March. 01, 2021 178 views

Route 66 means many things to many people. The very mention of it conjures up images of old & often abandoned gas stations, diners, the great depression, roadside businesses, motor courts, and many other such images of yesterday.

It is, to be sure, an icon of nostalgia, i.e., of a time gone by not only physically, but culturally as well, all of which I relate to and embrace. Needless to say, it's presence in America has been preserved a great deal by a host of photographic images the majority of which are of old and often abandoned business, motor courts, etc. all of which speak of a time gone by. However, for me, though I also do the same, it is my endeavor to capture the pavement of Route 66, not merely in a nostalgic fashion, but to honor Route 66 with images combining it with the beauty of the landscape through which it passes. And to record these images with photographs that are of a high photographic and artistic level which this old highway truly deserves such as this one taken just east of Clinton, Oklahoma featuring the old Portland Cement blocks and angled curbs that Route 66 made famous.

This old highway has a great deal of meaning to me personally as I have spent years getting to know it up close and personal having walked it from Chicago, Illinois to Santa Monica, California, an undertaking for which I received both political and media recognition and awards. And now, years later, I have returned to the Mother Road, as it is referred to in the classic book, The Grapes of Wrath, to live along its path full time in a van dedicating my time to capturing it on film.

Route 66 east of Clinton, Oklahoma

Route 66 east of Clinton, Oklahoma

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