The reason I am here

by Robert Vava November. 22, 2017 761 views

The ultimate objective of this photoblog is to share perspectives and information about the world. As I like to say, every single piece of writing is a fingerprint of the times it was written. Looking at old text we can get an insight of how those times were like and how people saw the world. I find that fascinating.

A short introduction to my view of the world: We were blessed and cursed with consciousness. There are a few things that we understand about the Universe. Still, we are able to elucidate mysteries one by one. Yet, all those theories about what is happening around us are just the best guesses of certain issues that became generally available truths for us. But these best guesses are necessary in order to make progress possible.

Every century is unique. What happened before the 21st century was the foundation of what happens after the beginning of this century. Only a few basic yet so complex discoveries and inventions were necessary to create a revolution. The times we live in give us the chance to observe the major changes that technology brings. We are part of the history of humans. Keep that in mind every time you feel bored. You are part of something very big. It is said that human lives are not that important. But if you reflect on it a bit more, maybe your perception of it will change. We are the building blocks of everything that happens in the world, no matter our social status. With impact on economy, environment, culture and so on we should become aware of our position in this world(not the Universe, just the world).

To wrap it up, this blog exists in order to share perspectives and thoughts. It will contain poetry, photography and philosophical thoughts. As an important note, everything you read on this blog is from the point of view of a "fresher" in life as I like to call it. Do not expect for advanced scientific or philosophic perspectives as I am still building up my own self as probably any person does at my age. And after all, we build ourselves until the last moment of our lives.

Thrown in this world

Thrown in this world

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Tawanna Cullen 3 years, 5 months ago

Lovely. Speak your heart and grow. It's always a wonderful thing to be able to express your thoughts and ponder things about the world we live in.

3 years, 5 months ago Edited