Sunday Shenanigans

by Valerie Davies December. 18, 2016 258 views

Today was not the Sunday I had imagined; there were tons of new older cats to get pictures of and my partner in crime had ideas with pups in silly Christmas headbands.  However, I did not get to do any cats, and the amount of shelter dogs captured was limited due to 2 people wanting portraits done for their very insubordinate dogs and an emaciated pregnant (due any day) lab mix who bolted out and down several blocks.  That was a scary few moments.  It was raining and about 40 degrees, I was running and yelling at cars to stop.  Finally a couple of good Samaritans stopped in their pickup truck and we were able to coax her from out underneath their truck.  Took me laying stomach-down under their engine in the wet road to get her out...but I'm thankful she is ok.  Not sure how I would have handled any other outcome.

*Update- momma had her puppies last night, NINE of them.  Whole group is healthy and safe in their foster home.  She went into labor not long after I left!*

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Ben Mckechnie 3 years, 10 months ago

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Thanks and hope to see you enter :)

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