by Valerie Davies May. 15, 2017 666 views

It will never cease to amaze me how resilient dogs are.  No matter from what situation Assisi rescues them, the majority of the pups are still sweet and trusting.  For those cowering and shy, it only takes a little coaxing and a few hot dog bites before they pop up their ears and give a slight head tilt for the camera.  A dog I shot today was part of only the most horrendous of crimes...not dog fighting...but something equally heinous...yet he opened up to me and I able to quickly train him for the camera.

Today I was part of a different photo not fit for adoption pics but one for evidence.  Many times dogs are rescued from a situation which requires such pictures.  Almost like mug shots.  A clipboard with stats is held next to the dog as shots are taken from the front, back, each side, and top to display wounds, malnourishment, bone protrusions, etc.  

I learned some truly horrible things today about some of the dogs we shot, and I am just grateful to have been able to give them a little comfort, some hot dogs, a little love, basic things all dogs should experience...

These teeth!!!

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