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35mm Fujifilm iso 200 on a Nishika N8000 3d.

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Stormfish 7 years, 7 months ago

i just found this on [url=]wikipedia[/url]:
"According to Michael Starks, Nimslo went bankrupt and was partly sold to a Nevada company called Nishika In April 1989, Nishika introduced the four lens Nishika N8000 and later the four lens N9000. (...) Nishika also offered a companion flash, similar to the Nimslo Optilite but much bulkier and with just one contact plus ground. They also offered a number of other accessories including a "professional" strap, Nishika Tripod, a Nishika deluxe deluxe camera case, a lens cleaning kit and even a line of Nishika brand color print film, marked with both regular and 3D exposures, though the advertising stressed that it could use any ASA 100 color print film.


The design of the Nishika N8000 was a bit overstated. The flash contact sits atop a small platform which resembles the Pentaprism found on an SLR. The camera is much larger than it needs to be, a lead weight was included to make it heavier, there is a plastic panel on top designed to look like an LCD readout and the two AA batteries serve no function except to power the "light meter" which merely indicates whether or not flash should be used. The "use flash" indicator is not coupled to the aperture lever and is thus valid only when f8 (cloudy/indoors) is selected and when ASA 100 film is used. Also, the hot shoe has three contacts (in addition to ground), but two simply sit on top of the plastic with no internal connection. The companion flash has only a single contact in addition to ground.

Misleading and even illegal tactics were used to market the camera, including an infamous fraudulent prize promotion scheme, which is usually blamed for the company's demise."[/i]

what a wonderful, wonderful wonderful little marvel you are showing us here! :-))

7 years, 7 months ago Edited