Red objects

by Verity Clarke September. 15, 2009 21213 views

I took a photo of this coke can because it's crushed into an interesting composition. the tones change because of the shape of it, the shine of the can really gives it more contrast too.

This bottle lid up against pepples which really makes the colour stand out. I think the shape of the bottle lid has alot of texture. Even though the bottle lid is quite small i zoomed in on it to make it very ig in the picture which i think makes a huge differance, the colour is very vibrant which makes the photo all about the bottle lid.

I think this photo is abstract, originally it was part of a chinese sign for a restaraunt but when zoomed in it has aot of texture. The darker red mixed with gold makes it look very rich.

This photo has alot of layers. There are alot of kit kats here. The colour red doesnt have alot of tones which makes it look flat so it's a photo of opposites.

This was a photo of a bin. I like the way it has tone where you can see the holes even though it is plastic and is a flat colour.

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