turning the big 3-oh

by Vanessa Frosch March. 12, 2009 3380 views

I always thought being in my thirties would mean I was old. Well, not in a bad way, but in the sense that I would have my life completely in order, like I would achieve some sense of worldly maturity that came with the territory of being this full of life experience. It was something that was so far off in the distance that I didn’t realize time was creeping up on me.

Well, folks, in exactly two hours I will be 30 years old.

Do I feel as mature as I thought I would? In some ways, maybe. Most times I still feel like a kid trying to figure myself out. Full of self doubt and wondering if I am doing the right thing… wondering if I’ll ever be ‘good enough’. I keep reminding myself that I only have to be good enough to be satisfied with myself. But if you know me like Justin, or most of my friends do, ‘good enough’ is a pretty tall order in my eyes and I’m pretty critical in judging my accomplishments. My goal for this decade is to cut myself a little slack and just accept that I’m good enough as is.

So what have I accomplished in my twenties? Besides finding the best, most patient man on the planet to marry (believe me, he must have super powers that enable him to put up with my insane schedule and consequently, my lackluster ability to play homemaker) one thing that I can honestly say I’m proud of is the fact that I’ve found photography as an outlet. My heart literally sings knowing that I’ve finally found a passion to consume me and satisfy that creative side of me that was dormant for so long! Well… on that note… I’ll leave you with a little eye candy from my birthday trip to Vegas last week.

Goodbye twenties… Looking forward to the next exciting decade of my life!

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Kikoy 8 years, 6 months ago

great night shots especially the second one. nice catch of the fountain against a golden background.

8 years, 6 months ago Edited
Vj Dejan Cirovic 8 years, 7 months ago

Happy birthday! Take care.

8 years, 7 months ago Edited
Betty 8 years, 7 months ago

Happy birthday... beautiful shots. I love the last one..it is beautiful. Life does have a way of creeping up on us...but we are only as old as we feel. Even in my 50's, I don't feel old. Just enjoy life...age is only a number.

8 years, 7 months ago Edited
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