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by Victor Quintana July. 11, 2017 776 views

Halves... such as your better half, or in this case, strawberry halves as well, can make your day sweeter.

Today began with a refreshing breakfast of strawberries, cherries, some homemade chai tea, and that glorious morning light coming in through the dining room window.

Since yesterday's post mentioned food photography, that reminded me of a friend who's deep into cooking, and chef knives. The artisan kind... the ones you have an actual craftsman create with passion and care. Well, the other day we were discussing food and photography. Since my friend likes selling knives he gets from regional craftsmen (and some from Japan as well), plus he enjoys cooking, he posts photos of his newest items or his cooking to promote his work.

This friend shared with me his intent of improving his product photography, as he had been following some other people with more professional-looking shots. That's where we took a turn into the land of food photography. And how him, being a foodie with a passion for cooking, could not bring himself to produce fake food shots. What I mean by fake is utilizing non-food items to simulate a dish. My argument there was that, f you're promoting food you're crafting, then yes... the least fake, the better, it has to do with honesty as well. But! If you're being paid to produce editorial photography, all those tricks are an indispensable part of your toolkit to produce the work you're getting paid for, and all bets are off!

So, since High Command smirks when I criticize people who post horrible food pictures on Yelp (a business browsing app we use to find restaurants), I decided to use this morning's help and use nothing but natural light, framing and some in-camera post-processing to craft this piece.

The composition was a simple one, I only needed to move the tea mug slightly into the frame to give it a stepping point between the bowl, HC's hands and the window in the background. This was done to avoid empty space. To keep the attention on the subject, the bowl was left to fill the bottom half of the frame, with the strawberry slightly above the lower right intersection from the rule of thirds. Also, the bowl was turned to get the strawberry to reflect some of the light onto the lens, which gives it that sense of 'freshness'. I'll be extremely honest: another reason for that is that I had already eaten some of the cherries... but you did not need to know that...

Things I modified after the shot, in-camera:

  • White balance (changed it to Kelvin and fiddled with it to tone down the orange cast from the morning sun)
  • Sharpness (bumped all the way up to highlight the texture from the strawberry with dip)
  • Noise reduction (to the minimum, to keep some of the 'grain')
  • Shadow tone (softest to bring some light into those shadowy areas)
  • Color level (to the max as I was not using a film simulation)

And, here is the result... it may display differently on your screen than on mine, simply because it's getting late and I tend to bring down the blue light level of my monitor to protect my eyes a bit. Which in turn affects the color on my screen.

Please feel free to comment and share your own!

... and yes... that was a TASTY breakfast!



Fuji X100T. SooC jpeg. 1/60, f 8.0, ISO 1250

Fuji X100T. SooC jpeg. 1/60, f 8.0, ISO 1250

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Berckmans Peter 4 years, 2 months ago

Great sharpness of what had to be sharp,and than some softness kicks in. A bit like a strawberry, can be sharp with some sweet aftertaste. Looks yummie. Happy morning Victor

4 years, 2 months ago Edited
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