200 of 365

by Victor Quintana July. 22, 2017 254 views

Real people is what it's all about... isn't it?

We see celebrities all the time, politicians, entertainers and such, crowding the airwaves, streaming over the internet and mainly monopolizing our attention.

That does not make them any less real, no harm meant!

But, the people I'm interested in, are those with more down-to-earth lives. Those that don't care much for posing or maintaining a certain look... those that don't know which is their 'good angle'. Those that smile, or cry, from the heart, not from the skin outwards.

Well... here's Charlene (hope I spelled that right!), who struck a conversation with me at a deli, where High Command and I had gone to hunt for dinner. She saw the camera and thought I was out hunting for snapshots of local or international celebrities.

Bless her good heart!

After a short but lively exchange, I asked her if she would mind me taking a photo of her, to which she smiled and agreed to.

So, here's to all those heroes of our everyday lives... those who keep thankless jobs that make our lives more comfortable. Those that can, at times, live life and enjoy it with the most minimum of possessions. And that through it all, have the capacity to smile and make our day better!

Here's to you Charlene!


PS. See if you can notice the 'new' thing in my life.
Fuji X-T2. XF 35mm F2 R WR <--that's a mouthful! SooC jpeg. 1/125, f 8.0, ISO 5000

Fuji X-T2. XF 35mm F2 R WR <--that's a mouthful! SooC jpeg. 1/125, f 8.0, ISO 5000

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