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by Victor Quintana July. 25, 2017 238 views

Uniforms in the streets

This was taken the same night as yesterday's shot... but since it was past midnight... it literally classifies as next day.

Still, even without that, I had a different shot I would've posted, but the look between the officer and young man gives it tension. Even if the officer is out of our focus zone.

This was my first time in downtown Austin where I've seen streets closed to car traffic so people can enjoy and walk, or stumble, from bar to bar. Even though there were more shots of people enjoying themselves, or enjoying others... this reflects a bit more of the current state of America.

But, let's not get too political... there are other platforms to express one's political perspectives.

Hopefully, our world will come to understand it does not need policing, nor laws, once we all start caring for everyone else, as much as we care about ourselves.

Leave selfishness aside... it's for the greater good

I don't mean that in the Hot Fuzz sort of way though ;)



Fuji X-T2. XF 35mm F1.4 R. SooC jpeg. 1/125, f 1.4, ISO 6400

Fuji X-T2. XF 35mm F1.4 R. SooC jpeg. 1/125, f 1.4, ISO 6400

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