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by Victor Quintana August. 31, 2017 931 views

Black as night

Talk about the calm before the storm... streets are pretty empty, i guess people are spending time indoors as Harvey makes its way into Texas.

Who would know that this seemingly calm storm would convert into a category 4 hurricane a day or so before making landfall.

We've seen the aftermath and it's not over yet, we've only seen the more immediate effects of this storm. We may not see such empty gas stations until tanker trucks are able to make it aback from closed refineries into places like these, emptied by people provisioning for a possible gas shortage.

High Command is gathering materials to donate as well as packaging to drop off at donation locations around the city... for now it's what we can do to help.

This event does not diminish in any way the importance of other similar catastrophes around the world, nor do the others, have that effect on this one. But Bangladesh and Nepal have also been hit hard, with more dire consequences due to their infrastructure and resources. If you have a way to help, I hope you find it in your heart to do so.

There will always be those who need help, and usually, it's those who have the least who give the most.


Fuji X-T2. XF 35mm F2 R WR. SooC jpeg. 1/160, f 2.0, ISO 1600

Fuji X-T2. XF 35mm F2 R WR. SooC jpeg. 1/160, f 2.0, ISO 1600

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