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by Victor Quintana September. 09, 2017 813 views

Lonesome meal

This was shot at one of our favorite Ethiopian restaurants in the city. It's much closer to our place than it was from our apartment, still, we don't overdo it. As with all good things in life, they're far better in moderation.

Eating with your hands has a very different feel to it. For me, it's not much of a novelty, but for many people we've brought here, and some that would not try it, it's either an adventure or a 'faux-pas'.

To us? It's just finger-licking-good soul food!

This was the table were the owner was seating while I guess closing the month's financials. She was warm and friendly with us, sharing some of her home-cooked bread and a story about her most recent catering experience.

Also... they make some wonderful tea and coffee! What's not to like?

A bit of over-saturated colors to give you an idea of the culinary experience it can be.

May you enjoy many delightful meals... alone, or with others!


Hidden secrets

Hidden secrets

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