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This was the 1st school day of the Boy !
For him,everything was so new, so fresh, and so nice … Could see he was quite nervous but excited with joy… A new life opened to him - a long way to go !

As it was the first school day, all children had the bags of sweets with them,some had even their favorite toys, which,guess, was the encouraging gift for these fresh schoolchildren.
And all the parents were standing beside or behind their children with excellent smiles on their faces,so excellent that somewhat not so natural, seems if not so,their lovely and spoiled children might withdraw from this new and strange place to home,which surely was what they'd been scared.

As there were so many parents crowded in the classroom that this 1st-school-day was just like a big festival. Yes,of course it is,could see it is for both children and parents.

At my school days,we,children could never ever took sweets or toys with us, if yes, secretly maybe. And most of us would also never get the idea to do so because it'd be a shame.

We were encouraged to be nice children in the school - by our parents' strict instructions or serious faces. And most of us did wanted to go to school, no need to be encouraged by anyone or anything. It's strange that the Chinese children of that time was so strong,not the body,I mean,but the will.

Anyhow,as everyone knows, Austria and China do have the complete different culture of their own,no matter in the past or at present.

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