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I read on-line tips for taking macro pictures with my Samsung phone camera and one person advised to go out when it's cloudy or rainy. It was both today in my neighbourhood, so I went to the park where there are tons of flower gardens and did my best. I tried using just Photo which allows me to do 10X which I saw a YouTube video about. I really wanted to get bugs. I saw lots of bumblebees and actually I noticed a lady bug in one picture which I didn't see when snapping. Bees are so difficult.

Ladybug near the top.

Blurry but I liked the monotone. Actually original colour.

A better picture of a bee is never going to happen for me!

Upside-down bug near top.

Liked the decay in this picture.

I know this is very blurry but it sort of looks like a water colour painting.

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John Durham 2 months ago

It's amazing what these phone cameras can do - I have one of those cheap clip on macro attachments for my A20. I'll try it again now that I can begin to bend low enough to use it!

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Linda Patki Replied to John Durham 2 months ago

Yes I'm happy with my upgrade. Samsung S21+5G

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Tsao T-F 2 months ago

Good mobile phone series. The objects you photograph are so colorful. Good choice.

2 months ago Edited
Linda Patki Replied to Tsao T-F 2 months ago

Thank you for your comments.  Appreciate it.

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Brian Scott 2 months ago

I use a Samsung S10 quite often. I never zoom too far but do try to get as close as possible. A single tap on my screen, at the focal point helps, sometimes

2 months ago Edited
Linda Patki Replied to Brian Scott 2 months ago

Thanks, Brian - yes, I spent a good 2 hours trying different ways.  There was a wind and my hands kept shaking which didn't help. Too much coffee!

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Brian Scott Replied to Linda Patki 2 months ago

🤣👍 I have one real coffee per day now and maybe a couple of decafs

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J D 2 months ago

I agree with you on the watercolor painting and decay pics very nice! +1

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Linda Patki Replied to J D 2 months ago

Thank you, J D

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