What Is Happiness To You? These Youngsters In China Have Their Answer.

by Vlad Meytin February. 21, 2020 210 views

The pictures for the "Happiness Project" were taken in Nantong 南通 (Jiangsu province, China) in 2015. There was no “professional studio” setup, set lights or anything like that, the pictures were taken as it is in a place I was working at the time with the lights as they were, also I had just a few minutes to take the shots. I was using Sony A7 + 55mm prime (no flash).

Here's what I said to these youngsters: "What's happiness to you? Try to be sincere, don't try to make it good or 'appropriate', just say how you really feel". They told me right away and wrote down their answers, one by one, then I printed it out.

I thank all these young people who participated in my small project in 2015 -

伙计们! 非常感谢!!!

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