Tibet | Part 19

by Vlad Meytin March. 25, 2020 180 views

People and dogs in Tibet... Majority of people travel the world for pictures on a Fakebook (I was in Tibet!!) and some for other reasons which is fine (people are people) - what is sad is when they take pictures with animals they don't realize (or couldn't care less) that these poor animals are being kept in captivity just for that purpose and abused every day by "happy tourists" for the rest of their lives. Such tourists spots are all over Tibet and locals offer yaks, dogs, horses and other poor things to make money. Not to use these 'services' is the only way to stop that.

Now, stray dogs is a different thing in Tibet - they are treated like cows in India and that's good. You can see them roaming freely everywhere and they are cute, non-aggressive and loved by everyone.

Stray puppy in one of the Buddhist monastery.

Stray puppy in one of the Buddhist monastery.

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