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Welcome to my PhotoBlog. Here I will share my own thoughts in the form of words, and photographs. My words are my own and so are the images. Please do not use the images without at least asking first. It's called decency, consideration and manners; and it is so rare in today's world that it may be extinct soon. 

"There are two things you need to explore the world: cold beer and good friends." - Vishesh Mulchan 2017.
"A Man's Beer"

A self toast to the start of a great North Cost road trip in Trinidad.

I am a photographer from Trinidad and Tobago, who over the very short time I've been immersing myself in the art, has developed a budding passion for travel and street photography. 


A panoramic view of the most well known bay and beach on the island. Welcome to Maracas Bay.

I currently do not know what I want to go with this blog. I work full time and do my best to shoot every weekend. I'm in the middle of a series of visits to all the tourist attractions in my homeland for the purpose of sharing my island with any and all interested. 

Temple in the Sea

Panoramic view of a Shiva Mandir built out in the water. At full tide it truly is The Temple in the Sea.

I've done two road trips thus far and have more planned. But I will be taking a couple weeks off of this personal passion project due to one of my co-explorers having exams, and a trip I am taking to New York City at the end of this month.

Purple Haze

Orchids hanging for sale at the San Antonio Green Market, Santa Cruz, Trinidad WI.

 For those of you who stop by, I hope you enjoy the content. As of right now I will try to keep a steady three posts per week. We will see how that goes. 

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