Monday Musings and photos from Virginia.

by Vishesh Mulchan April. 10, 2017 986 views

Traditionally speaking, Monday mornings have one of the worse stigma's attached. End of the weekend, beginning of the work week, even to those who find fulfillment to any degree less than 150% will agree that relaxing weekend beats work anytime.

Long Days

Putting my foot up after a long week of work. Friday evenings we allow ourselves a little "wind down" time.

I think one of the best ways to deal with Monday sickness, is to plan your week forward and give yourself an end goal to work toward. For me it's usually what I want to accomplish by the end of the week. But another strategy is to look back at past adventures and reminisce about better and more fun activities. 

Fighting the Bitter Cold

Stylized advertising in a cup of coffee at Le Pain Barista in Washington D.C.

I'll be doing the latter today, I feel as though if I start planning my week right now i will get away from myself as I have a pretty fair idea of what I'm going to be doing for the next three weeks of my life. A rough synopsis would be... work for the week, attend a comic con on Saturday, Easter Sunday things... work... GO TO NEW YORK. 

An Amazing Theatre Experience

Eagerly waiting for the start of "A Christmas Carol" at Ford's Theater. November, 2016

Just the thought of the trip has me looking back on the trip I took to Virginia in November of 2016. It had been my first time traveling on my own and was a very liberating experience. This time I would be traveling with my mother and sister but I would be there for the specific purpose of photography. 

The Metro Experience

The people of D.C. await the train to get home after a long day.

The thought of traveling keeps my head held high and keeps me up at night in excitement. I hope everyone has a great Monday, and if you have any practices that help you deal with Monday blues, I'd love to hear about them. 

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