Creative Block and The Temple in the Sea.

by Vishesh Mulchan April. 12, 2017 581 views

Everyone at some point goes through a creative block of some sort. Regardless of whether you are a photographer, a painter, writer or a musical artist. Blocks are a natural part of being a creative and is universal. How you deal with a creative block however, is subjective and determines the outcome of your craft.

Temple in the Sea

After Virginia, I decided to visit all the tourist locations in my country to create content and share my home with the world.

I first felt creative block with photography 8 years ago and how i dealt with it back then was to stop making photos and sell my D3000 which I used at the time. I'd rationalized it by telling myself that if I wasn't doing photography then I was wasting the gear and someone could make better use of it. 


He told me just tell him how to pose, because he felt awkward posing on his own.

Fast forward to 2016, when my entire life had become a mixture of work, sleep and video games. Nothing is wrong with that if that's what you want. But I'd gone from spending my weekends outdoors, at the beach and on the small islands, to being in my room, staring at a screen. So I decided to revive my passion for photographic art. 

That was a nice picture.

My two friends happy with the photo they just took.

Since then, I've had creative blocks, but I've dealt with them by placing myself in the situations that would make for great images as often as I can. The result is that I now enjoy attending comic cons, and I've started traveling the world more. In November, I did a trip to Virginia and Washington DC and I'm just one week away from leaving for New York. 

Texture in Mono

A tree I couldn't stop observing because of texture images I've seen friends take.

One thing I realized from my trip to Virginia, is that there are many places in my own home people would love to see, or at least places I would love to share. So when I got back home, after the Christmas and all its related activities passed, I began planning my local tourist tour. I ended up getting three of my close friend involved who want to revisit locations, or have never been to them before. 

Stay just like that.

My friend who had never been to the Temple in the Sea, and wants to experience Trinidad as a tourist would/should.

I'm using the outings as a way to keep myself shooting in between international trips, and to keep myself learning and creating content. What ways do you guys deal with creative blocks? Any suggestions for me?

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