What's in my Bag and Comic Con Photos.

by Vishesh Mulchan April. 15, 2017 1008 views

I'd like to start by apologizing  for my lack of post yesterday. Effectively I had no ready access to a properly functioning computer and by the time I got home I was knackered. But today, I have a photography event, hence the very early post. Today, 15th April, 2017 is the Anime Expo cosplay convention and I will be there from the moment the doors open at 9am until roughly 10pm. 

Flareon Cosplay

A cosplayer depicts one of the Eeveeloutions from the Pokemon series.

That leads me to my post for today, what's in my bag?? Well I'll start off with the basics. I have my Nikon Df full frame DSLR with the Nikon 50mm f/1.8G attached which is going to be on my shoulder from the moment I leave the door. I don't have space in my bag for it because I'm waiting on a bag upgrade. I keep it on a no brand quick sling strap for easy access at a cheap cost. 

Death Gun

A fan portrayal of Death Gun from the anime "Sword Art Online"

Next I have my lenses, I will be walking with the Nikon 28mm Series E manual focus lens, the Nikon 105mm f/2.5 manual focus lens, Vivitar 70-210 Macro manual focus lens and finally the Helios 55mm manual focus lens. I don't expect to use all the lenses and I'm sure my day will be mostly shot with the nifty fifty and the 28. But since it's my third convention, I'd rather have and not need, then need and not have. 



And finally, I am walking with my Yongnuo YN660 manual flash and a Nikon Coolpix L810 as a backup. That's added on to 12 spare AA batteries for flash and back up camera, 2 spare memory cards, a spare battery for my Df, notebook, lens cleaning cloth and phone charger. It is always beneficial to be prepared, and I'm sure I'm forgetting some things. But this is what my bag will be filled with today. 

The Dr is Who?

Doctor Who???

What do you carry around in your bag? Let me know in the comments. Happy shooting. 

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Derek Amoako 3 years, 9 months ago

Nice post. I've been to London comic for the last three years. I'll miss it this May as I'm going to be in New York

At the moment my kit is pretty limited, Fuji X-T1 with a 35mm fixed lens and a GoPro Hero 5. Gotta start somewhere right.

3 years, 9 months ago Edited
Vishesh Mulchan Replied to Derek Amoako 3 years, 9 months ago

Thanks, One day I hope to visit different comic cons around the globe. It's a personal joy to shoot at these events. The Fuji X-T1 is a really good camera to have, I borrowed one from a friend and shot for a day with it, really fun camera to use. And I shot for months only owning my 50mm.

I've never been very much into go pro cameras for anything except when I go off roading, I have the basic $120.00 one that came out before the session. I look forward to seeing where your kit ends up.

3 years, 9 months ago Edited
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