Merry Christmas!

by Lisa May. 01, 2007 6007 views

Ok, I know it's May Day and not Christmas. But when I was growing up, my mom used to say that May was just as bad as Christmas because there are 12 birthdays in May for our family and Mother's Day. She always said she'd barely recovered from December and then it started all over again. And the two most important birthdays? Madison's on the 2nd and mine on the 19th, of course! :)

So, I pulled out these photos from our first xmas in California together. It was great to share some of our customs with the kids, including a visit by Santa on Chirstmas Morning. Were they ever impressed that we knew him so well. ;)

My sisters dog, Yogi

Help, let me go!

I am outta here.

But where are the reindeer?

Can we go with him?

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Emmeline Tan 10 years ago

I like no 4.

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Magpy 10 years ago


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Aaron Kovach 10 years ago

wow great set...
Yogi is so cute...
Your family is beautiful...

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Lisa 10 years ago

Yogi is the sweetest dog ever and incredibly patient. He was a great model. :) He is also wonderful with the kids and when each of them were babies, he would sit or lay next to their cribs/bouncer. I think he likes them so much because they are excellent food droppers.

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Jack 10 years ago

i don't want that fire truck on my roof.

homemade tamales? what a great tradition.

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Paul Graham 10 years ago

aw such a cute set love it

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Jet28 10 years ago

Charming, so sweet!

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Jannie 10 years ago

Love your connection with family. The reverence & love shines through! Love the flannel jammies too!!

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Lisette 10 years ago

Joyeux Noël :))

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Carley 10 years ago

Great family photos.....what super memories!

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Lisa 10 years ago

By our customs, I meant waiting for Santa to come by on Christmas morning which he's been doing since before my sister and I were born. And having tamales with my mom's side of the family on Christmas Eve. And then the Great Stocking Raid before the grownups get up in the morning. All of their other xmas's were in North Carolina or Arizona (some we got to spend with them but not usually together with my mom and grandpa at the same time).

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Lori 10 years ago

p.s. LOVE the dog. :-)

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Lori 10 years ago

Twelve b'days in one month! Yikes! I understand how your mother felt. I am, however, a Christmas baby and know it is better to have a b'day in May than December. I don't quite understand the reference to sharing your customs with the kids. Was this American Christmas experience new to them?

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