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The Old Ways

  • Posted March 24, 2008 by Lisa in Random. Viewed 6262 times

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Not too long ago, we found out that my great uncle has cancer. He’d kept it from the family as long as he could. Last week, he went into the hospital and on Sunday they moved him into ICU. The cancer (prostrate cancer) has spread to the rest of his body. He does not want extraordinary measures.

He’s lived a long life. When I think of him, I think of him smiling and joking and his mustache. You could say the same for all my grandmother’s brothers really, all 5 of them. And my grandmother and her sister as well, um, except for the mustache part. :) I always loved it when they got together and told stories. There was always laughter.

But the cancer…well, the cancer has not been anything to smile or laugh about. The evilness that cancer is drained him of his health and filled him with pain. And I think that is the hardest part - watching someone you care about suffer. Cancer sucks.

Bolder, a fellow photoblogger, is trying to do something about it. If you can, please check out his blog and his website. Don't forget that there are lots of ways you can help fight cancer if you can't donate. As you all know, I like to make hats and I have been looking into ways that I can donate that way. I have found various charities that send hats to cancer patients to wear while they are going thru chemo and the hair loss that sometimes occurs. There are many ways you can help besides money, even if it's just spreading the word.

Bolder's blog [photoblog.com]

write2fight.com [write2fight.com]

Speaking of hats, I have not made one in a couple of months. In fact, I haven't been working on any of the projects I need to - a website, getting into stock photography, scanning all our old family photos to make books for my mom, sister, and I. Maybe a Spike book. ;) And trying to become the family chronicler, not only in photos, but in stories as well so they won't be lost. I've been asking my grandfather about his life and my grandmother's and I've learned so much. Some info that even my mom didn't know. I want to do more of that before the stories about the old ways are gone.

The Old Ways [youtube.com] - Loreena McKennitt

So…I'm going to be here at photoblog a whole lot less. I was debating about deleting my account because photoblog is so addicting I can't seem to stay off it. ;) But I would miss you all too much. So, instead I will try to post just once a week so I can fit in all the other projects.

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    • # Gary

      Lisa ...sorry to hear this news. I will pray for you and your great uncle. The amighty Lord protects him against pain and worriness... he is blessed. Amen.

      2008.04.01 Edited Reply Cancel

    • # Nayah

      Oh, I am really sorry for your uncle....My thoughts go to your family and you....It seems that you have lots of projects! Really nice...I will aslo be happy seeing your weekly posts....I would looove to make hats! Once I went somewhere to get some information, and I found there was a workshop about it.... I was so enthusiast that they asked me if I didn't want to join... :) But I was really busy with presents for a friend of mine who was going to wed... And now it seems the place has closed... What a pity....Another time....:))) Good luck with everything! :)))

      2008.03.31 Edited Reply Cancel

    • # Peter

      Sorry to hear your sad news but glad to hear of your generous intentions. It is a bit addictive here on the blog so sometimes a break is a good idea. Just use it for refreshment. Lovely photos these and great use of colour.

      2008.03.30 Edited Reply Cancel

    • # Yanko V Fabila

      Nice job with the photos. Cancer does suck. I hope you can achieve all you want. I´ll be happy to see your weekly post!

      2008.03.27 Edited Reply Cancel

    • # Storytaylor

      I can´t say no more. keep up and the best of luck to you and yours. I miss already Spike). take care

      2008.03.27 Edited Reply Cancel

    • # Harry

      Your family is in my thoughts and prayers. I know this is a very hard time, just know we are sending you our support and care. I am glad you decided not to delete the account. Even if you cannot post often I am glad you are not closing off that part of your life. You are so incredibly talented and I appreciate the opportunity to see your work. All the best to you and yours.

      2008.03.26 Edited Reply Cancel

    • # Nitin Sood

      i am extremely sorry to know about his cancer, yep, cancer is a dreadful disease , it just eats away the life , not just the patient, but everyone attached to the patient , i hope , the docs can keep his health from detereorating and make him comfortable, hope that u can overcome the tough time u all have to face, sure u need time to be around with the family, we all wiill be waiting for u to come back when u feel better.

      2008.03.26 Edited Reply Cancel

    • # Lynda

      I am so sorry that your uncle is so sick. Cancer is a horrible disease. My father died of lung cancer and it's so hard watching someone's health deteriorate. Hopefully they can keep your uncle comfortable. Take deep breaths and try not to overextend yourself. The blog will be here. My thought are with you and your family.

      2008.03.26 Edited Reply Cancel

    • # Sherij

      Great snaps!! It sure is a tough time for you. My husband and I went thru it last year losing his Mom to cancer.I wish you well and goodluck with your projects. I know the feeling of needing to get stuff done. Take care my friend. I will miss you dearly and so will all of your photoblog friends..

      2008.03.26 Edited Reply Cancel

    • # Jessica

      Lisa, first and foremost, I am very sorry to hear of your great uncle's plight and have him and your family in my thoughts. My great uncle Kevin, who was the closest thing I had to a grandfather, passed on a few years ago from the same cancer, so likewise it is something I feel very strongly about.
      I would, of course, miss you and your creativity and energy if you were to leave photoblog completely. Having said that, I completely understand the work and energy and passion that you want to put into your projects, and the time and dedication it will take for you to do them.
      Whatever you choose to do, and however little or often you post on here, please know that you have a lot of wonderful friends on here who will gladly support you through this tough time - myself included.
      Much love to you, your family, and of course, Spike.
      p.s. Beautiful photos. The red beauty went straight to my favourites.

      2008.03.26 Edited Reply Cancel

    • # Lexlevans

      what a terrible thing that your uncle is going through - it sounds like he is a great person and got to live a happy life with great people like you in his life :-) i think that donating your hats to cancer patients is an incredible idea - very inspiring. i'm sorry that your uncle is going through this - no one should have to go through something like cancer. i hope you find lots of time for your projects and i'm glad you chose not to close your blog completely - what would we do without you and spike?!?! just post whenever you feel you can and we'll be here when you do :-)

      2008.03.25 Edited Reply Cancel

    • # Blur911

      Nice photos, I wonder where the "Canadian Upholstering" came from?

      Sorry to hear about your uncle. BTW, I always give to the Canadian Cancer Society, and my girlfriend is a researcher for the National Cancer Institute of Canada.

      2008.03.25 Edited Reply Cancel

    • # Bold

      i'm sorry to learn about your uncle. just too much cancer. thank you for joining our write to fight cancer.

      2008.03.25 Edited Reply Cancel

    • # Lynda

      Lisa, so sorry to hear about your gt uncle. I hope he doesn't suffer for long. BTW these cars are fabulous and I've saved the 2nd shot to my favs.

      2008.03.25 Edited Reply Cancel

    • # Cathrine

      Vollenda, I am so sorry to hear about the pain you are all suffering. I will pray for your great uncle and for your family that God will have mercy on all of you and that your uncle will have peaceful days ahead of him. God bless you all with strength and courage.

      2008.03.25 Edited Reply Cancel

    • # Harry Oldmeadow

      You and your family are going through a dark time but I know you will find the spiritual fortitude to stay strong and loving. Photoblog will keep — you can come back when you're ready. (By the way, the first shot is a knockout.) Take care of yourself.

      2008.03.25 Edited Reply Cancel

    • # Holly

      It sounds almost exactly like what our family went through with my grandfather. I'm sorry to hear that yours is going through the same struggle. Chronicle all you can. That's worth so much more than a few photoblogs here and there anyway. My prayers are definitely with you and your family. =)

      2008.03.25 Edited Reply Cancel