Another one lost - pt:1

by Vtgav December. 26, 2016 430 views

I can't remember the first time I found this place, it was a few years ago now, maybe around 2013. I think I'd read about it on an urbex forum - without being told its exact location ( as ever ) and it did take me a while to track it down but I got there in the end.

It had been some sort of factory, no idea what and really I don't care, it was in quite a quiet place, in a wooded valley on the outskirts of a big city.

But what was important was how nature was taking it back - taking it back from the outside - with the various roofs and walls collapsing - and from the inside, with plant life finding a way to grow.

It was also covered in superb graffiti, and I do love graffiti, I mean really love it. There was one piece that turned out to be a bit of history and I was privileged to see it in place, but like the rest its all lost now after the building was levelled and became something else.

. . . and that's the way of things really - everything changes - and change should be embraced. Cherish the fleeting moments and revel in the change :)


I went back recently ( mid-2016 ) and its vanished - been replaced by modern factory units. 

So the only memory of it is in a few peoples images and memories I guess, random photos taken at random times. 

All the colours and shapes, light and dark, all lost

I met a graffiti guy there on one visit who said they used to practice their art in this building in preparation for tagging elsewhere. You can see him in the last image.


It was a bit misleading walking in the first time. The first feeling I got was of space and light, and real gems were slow to creep up on me . . .

Main building

looking around it was quite a big space, with awesome light dripping from the remains of the roof

main building, roof

once inside, I turned back and some of the real beauty was right there in front of me, some superb greenery where nature was fighting back, climbing in through the windows and growing up from the floors somehow. With the light streaming in it was just gorgeous :-

windows and nature

second building, no roof

A quick wander around and more to see . . . an incredible wooden roof structure, being hit by the elements

main building looking back

second building

delicious light through the roof

main entrace

There was a guy there tagging a wall, he told me he was practising his technique and he was OK to be photo'd as long as I didn't show his face . . . my urbex buddy was happy to show hers . . .

tagger and an urbex buddy

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