A few Brazilian Jiu Jitsu images

by Vtgav December. 27, 2016 815 views

I've been to a few Brazilian Jiu Jitsu tournaments this year - always enjoyable and always dynamic and exciting, especially when someone I know is competing.

Here are a few of out hundreds I shot at the 2016 Manchester and Nottingham Open's, trying ( and failing ) to capture the movement, power, focus and subtle movements of the artists.

What fascinates me is that even though it is very much a video world, capturing and recording movement and memories, a static image, specially in B&W, is like catching light as it is thrown into the air, catching and taming the briefest of moments in time; where you can see so many different things slipping out of the image - the muscle tension, the Gi's stretching, the grips, the subtle battles for position and angle, the eyes - focused but relaxed, expressions . . .

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