Here's the truth of it . . .

by Vtgav January. 13, 2017 212 views

Phlegm is a local graf artist - I've seen his work dotted around Sheffield here and there, and I showed a shot of one small piece that's now sadly lost.

This bigger piece is really superb, its on the wall of a Sheffield pub which overlooks a river. You can see how the masts on the boat are placed to tie in with the wall structure overhead.

I don't know the history of it, whether it was done with the approval of the owners - maybe it was as it is such a part of the Pub wall - I could google it but in fact I don't care why its there or how it got there, only that it is there :)


I just love this piece it has so many different facets . . .

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Kaeyla Mcgee 3 years, 10 months ago

This is wonderful. I so love street art and this is a really fine example. If were up to me most walls in every town and city would be given over to the artists. Thanks for posting.

3 years, 10 months ago Edited