Symbolism ? or . . . random ?

by Vtgav January. 13, 2017 321 views

So here's a couple of absolutely superb pieces of art I found in a derelict Water Treatment Works a few years ago, they may have been painted over by now, I don't know as its a while since I dropped in on the place.

While I can admire the artists skill in creating these images I can't help but think there are messages here that I can't read - there's some symbolism.

Maybe its good that I can't or I'd see them a different way rather than simply loving the art . . . 


But it does keep coming back to nag at me sometimes . . . does it actually mean anything ? why is it a few minutes to 4:00 O'clock ? why pour from a tea pot into a test tube ? why the rat ? ( if it is a rat ! ), is the 01 the artists signature ? or does it signify something else ?

and the other one . . . 

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