by Vtgav February. 05, 2017 302 views

So here's the truth of it. A few weeks ago while I was wandering locally I came across what I guess is a discarded toy box, with these foam alphabet characters and I captured an image because they were quite eye catching . . .

A few weeks later as I passed by the box had gone and the alphabet was moving, mutating . . .  One time there was a frost, and the alphabet asked me why ?

Then later, a single word, maybe the alphabet was telling me how it felt to be thrown away, to be discarded and dropped . . .

And now weeks later they're on the move, most i'd imagine thrown or kicked or even dropped into a makeshift fire . . . but in my mind i wonder if they're actually moving on their own, if they're heading somewhere, I hope it's somewhere better. 

Of course you could consider that its decay in action, the second law of thermodynamics played out in front of our eyes, but perhaps it's more, perhaps it's metamorphosis, I don't know.

The image that really made me stop and think was the blue and yellow, where they're still entwined, not quite as the makers intended but even better than that . . .

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