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Early Saturday morning I went to Liberty State Park. Although the weather was breezy it was a beautiful morning. I met this gentleman as he prepared to do…

I had watched them emerge from their car. No conversation. I was fascinated on the intensity of their expressions and movements.

My curioisty was arosed when the pastor announced having the Baptism at the ocean. The day was windy and the water cold. However these brave and committed…

I was driving in Brooklyn and snapped this picture from the car window. What drew my attention was the weariness of his walk and how he found a place to sit…

Was a little nervous asking a stranger to take their pictures but people were receptive. This is Jenny.

He was laying down and at first appeared to be homeless but then I looked at his boots and clothes. My conclusion was a man tired.

Driving through the Lincoln tunnel this man was sitting there among his 'stuff.' But looking close you can see the character in his face.
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