Warner Brothers.

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Both my farther and two uncles worked there. The motion picture business arrived in Burbank in the 1920s. In 1926, First National Pictures bought a 78-acre (320,000 m2) site on Olive Avenue near Dark Canyon. The property included a 40-acre (160,000 m2) hog ranch and the original David Burbank house, both owned by rancher Stephen A. Martin. In 1928–29, First National was taken over by a company founded by the four Warner Brothers.

So I was born in Los Angeles on August 8, 1928. I grew up in Los Angeles and lived at 13903 Milbank St, Los Angeles, CA 91423, USA After I graduated from high school, I was lucky to get a part time job working as a darkroom accent for, Consolidated Film Industries in Hollywood, I had to movie to my sister’s home where I could walk to work at that time She lived at 6368 Rosewood Ave, and it took me 15mins to walk to 959 Seward Street where I worked, I worked for four years. I also got a place at the California Institute of Technology, a degree course studying electrical engineering.

After graduating as an electrical engineer from California Institute of Technology I was hired by Byron Haskin, ASC, and head of the Warner Bros. Special Effects Department on Stage 5 in Burbank. Since this was the largest such department in the movie business, I was able to work with some of the top cinematographers in the effects field, such as ASC fellows Edwin  DuPar, Hans Koenekamp and Warren Lynch. When Warner Bros. purchased First National's studio in Burbank, California, I signed a contract and remained with the studio on and off for the next 40 years.

A long side working has a sound engineer, I also had a job as a Unit Stills Photographer Stills includes close-ups of the actors and crew, and wide shots of the crew shooting the action, this work ran side by side with me on the film set as a sound engineer making movies.

Warner Bros

Special Effects Department Stage-5, Gate 2.

Warner Bros Water Tower

Warner Bros, Burbank,

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