Drifting Past the Mountains of Yangshuo

by Craig Casterline January. 14, 2021 185 views

In many Chinese watercolor landscapes, you see sharp, jagged mountains that seem to belong to some ancient fantastical land. But, these mountain actually do exist in Yangshuo, a small city in southern China.

I recently vacationed there with my wife and daughter, and found the views amazing. And though the skies were less than ideal (quite foggy due to time of year and air pollution) they lent a mystical aura that suited the mountains (although it caused me some extra work in post).

One of the best ways to view the mountains is by taking a short bamboo raft trip down the river through farmland surrounded by these sharp peaks. The following pictures were all taken from a raft. And because the water levels were low, the trip added the excitement of riding down several small dams.

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Benny Law 3 months ago

Looks like a really nice place for a vacation. Did you join a tour, or did you travel on your own with your family?

3 months ago Edited
Craig Casterline Replied to Benny Law 3 months ago

We were basically on our own with some friends along the way to help. We have been in China for 3 1/2 years, so the tour group thing isn't very appealing to us.

3 months ago Edited
Benny Law Replied to Craig Casterline 3 months ago

Group tours never appeal to me. I like to take my own time and blend in when I travel. 3 1/2 years is a pretty long vacation. 🙂 Your Chinese must be pretty fluent now. 😊

3 months ago Edited
Craig Casterline Replied to Benny Law 3 months ago

If only. persevere Working as an English teacher in an international school really limits the language growth.

3 months ago Edited
Gethin Thomas 3 months ago

What a fantastic experience.

3 months ago Edited
Craig Casterline Replied to Gethin Thomas 3 months ago

It was, and we hope to go back some time.

3 months ago Edited
Nancy Andrea D 3 months ago

Absolutely gorgeous shots!  I would lose all courage in #5 !! Bravo to your family!

3 months ago Edited
Craig Casterline Replied to Nancy Andrea D 3 months ago

Thank you. The slides over the dams weren't too bad, but we did get wet.

3 months ago Edited
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