Off the grid

by Dean Walter Matt Spinella June. 14, 2017 1067 views


It feels as though it has been years since the last time we were able to use our mobile telephones. We've been in the famed Yellowstone National Park for about 3 days and are now residing in Boulder Colorado for the week. A driving snow storm fueled our hasty departure from NorthWest Wyoming. With nothing more than a sweatshirt and two pairs of pants, saying that we were unprepared for that kind of weather would be an understatement. We saw a front coming from miles away while on a hike to a waterfall in the park which turned out to be 1o miles out and back and promptly hightailed it at about mile 2 on our trek back to the van. Passing wild buffalo and roasting our quadricep muscles, we arrived right as the storm did, attempted to ride it out, and then found cellular service and realized that the weather for Yellowstone looked bleak for the remainder of the week. We found a local restaurant, had 4 cups of coffee and hatched a plan to drive all night to Colorado. Rather than sleeping in a cold van which evidently is not meant to handle wintery conditions, we drove straight down through Wyoming into Colorado, seeking oasis. Low and behold hour 4/2:30 am was too much for us to handle so we slept in a Walmart parking lot which was, much to our dismay, teeming with activity even in the wee morning hours. Yellowstone had it's moments, such as this one which was our campsite the first night, but snow in June?! Come on....

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Ram Ya 2 years, 7 months ago

Wow, snow in June! I would absolutely love to go to Yellowstone one day though. Looking forward to more from you.

2 years, 7 months ago Edited