by Dean Walter Matt Spinella June. 14, 2017 918 views


We also managed to find this place which is more or less hyped up. We drove through one of the biggest tourist trap towns I've ever encountered, nearly burned a full tank of gas driving up a hill to get to this mountain, which was then a 10 dollar fee to enter. We did not pay the $10, but instead we pulled off to the side of the road and my trusty zoom lens aided in getting clear shot of the founding fathers. The message behind the sculpture is great and is powerful but the whole tourist trap and money making aspect is something that these men would not have believed in. We saw Rushmore, and then found an awesome free campsite 1 mile down the road that was inhabited mostly by climbing bums, but in a great location. The people we met there were nice and they also had free pancakes in the parking lot the morning we stayed there. I am pretty sure that the free food was aimed at the people that were going to go climb rocks and Dean and I were not part of the crowd but we still ate a couple and talked to our drifter neighbors and had a good time.

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