Groves at Palace of Versailles

by Sally Tobin April. 24, 2017 695 views

The groves of Versailles were originally created by André Le Nôtre, gardener and architect to the King. The Groves saw many Court entertainments and have been altered over the years to suit the taste of others. Fountains, vases and statues are scattered amongst the little parks within the woods, where the kings would often go for walks.

Bosquet de la Colonnade - Commenced in 1685 by Jules Hardouin-Mansart, the Colonnade replaced the Spring Grove created by Le Nôtre in 1679.

Bosquet de l'Encelade - The Enceladus Fountain was made of lead by Gaspard Marsy between 1675 and 1677.

Water Theatre Grove - The Water Theatre Grove was laid out between 1671 and 1674.

Bosquet de Trois Fontaines - This grove was created by Le Nôtre in 1677 and is the only one mentioned on an old map as being "the King's idea".

Bosquet des Bains d'Apollon - Today's Apollo's Baths Grove dates from the reign of Louis XVI and was laid out between 1778 and 1781.

Bosquet de la Salle de Ball - The Ballroom Grove was the last grove to be laid out in the gardens by Le Nôtre. The works began in 1680 and were completed in 1685.

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