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A country that shows the essence of multiculturalism - Singapore. You can set foot on the joy of the Holy Land Sentosa Island to play countless number of amusement projects, you can also go to have more than 100 shopping malls, Orchard Road shopping shopping, catch the world's highest fighter Ferris wheel can also be the entire coastal Bay panoramic view. Travel in Singapore, every subtlety is intended for you to show the city's careful management and "new" style, so you are worth this Singapore tours.

Enjoy the joy of convergence - Sentosa

Sentosa Island is Singapore's most famous gathering place, but also a hustle and bustle of the city in a "paradise." The island brings together the famous Universal Studios, S.E.A Aquarium, Dolphin Garden and other nearly 20 entertainment attractions, even if it is enough to play all day to play endless. The southern part of the island of pure bay and beach or swimming play, enjoy the sunny places. Riding on the island of the suspension bridge, you can reach the southernmost tip of the Asian continent, standing on the endless rooftop can see the beautiful sunset red sky.

Half a day to visit the exotic area

Migrants from all over the world form Singapore's unique multiculturalism, and gradually form a number of different styles of exotic areas. These customs area still retain their most pure foreign culture, you can play early in the Islam gathered in the Kampong Ginnan mosque feel the sincerity of the believers, and then in the colorful streets of India to taste authentic hand pilaf, Finally came to the Chinatown and the local overseas Chinese talked about the two cultures. Half a day as if through three countries, enjoy the charm of the exotic culture.

Under the night visit the wild zoo

Singapore Night Zoo

Singapore Night Zoo

Want to explore the mystery of the night in the zoo? Singapore Night Zoo is the best choice. The zoo is the world's first shelter for nightlife. In the light of the moonlight, you walk in the broad rain forest to observe the traces of these nocturnal animals, natural barrier to visitors and animals closer contact. Tourists sometimes watch the hippo in the quiet lake play, sometimes listen to ferocious African lion in the jungle roar. Do not forget to jump on the park tour bus, you can also personally in the bright moonlight giraffe, zebra. Is a wonderful experience of Singapore travel not to be missed.

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