Vietnam's unique tourism program

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Vietnam, many people praise the tourist city, so that visitors linger. The capital of Hanoi quiet and quiet, full of socialism characteristics; Ho Chi Minh City left a large number of French architecture, full of French style; Nha Trang is a customs of thousands of coastal city; Minai is the locals favorite seaside resort city ... every place There will be places to let visitors heart. Then you travel to Vietnam What are the characteristics of tourism projects can experience?

Enjoy the Vietnamese national princess water puppet show

water puppet show

water puppet show

Water Puppet is one of the most famous entertainment projects in Hanoi. It is a folk art treasure that the locals are proud of. The performer controls puppets to deduce the folklore of Vietnam and the daily life of ordinary people. Through wooden sticks and other tools Operating puppets, skilled techniques to make puppets alive. Water puppet show was only for the royal family nobility appreciation, and now we can see it wonderful. Ascension Water Puppet Theater is Vietnam's most famous puppet troupe, want to watch the water puppet show, must come here.

Lost in the streets of Hanoi thirty-six

The magic of the thirty-six street, so that all the sense of direction full of people suddenly lost ability, because the streets inside it is too complicated. But perhaps when you are lost, you can observe a lot of different details of Vietnam, an alternative shop selling local artists painting, selling eccentric snacks restaurant, or roadside grandmother bamboo basket magical soda.

Experience oriental Paris style in Sai Kung

"Sai Kung" is the oldest city of Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam, although in 1976 Sai Kung has been renamed Ho Chi Minh City, but deeply obsessed with her old days of bustling and people still like to call her "Saigon". This is a city influenced by the French culture, the French classical red church, the European-style central post office, the Gothic style of the Saigon Opera House. Walking in the city center of the free road, as if exposure to the French Champs Elysees Avenue, trip to Vietnam tourists will love her.

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