A wonderful vacation in Thailand

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Thailand is a famous tourist country in Southeast Asia, whether it is gorgeous glorious temples, a strong religious style, water clear sand white beach or full of exotic history and culture, for Thailand to add a part of their own unique charm, let Visitors linger. Travel to Thailand, everyone here to find the most suitable for their own colorful holidays.

weekend market

weekend market

Visit Asia's largest weekend market

To experience the real shopping in Thailand, you can not miss the first weekend of the market. Whether it is based on the conservation-oriented "Taobao experts", or generous antique collectors, will find the beloved thing in the market. From home decorations and artwork to exquisite Thai handicrafts, to exotic pets, where everything - even you can not imagine the goods, in this large-scale market. In addition, the variety of snacks in the market so that visitors can not afford to let you experience the real Southeast Asian style of the shopping market.

Enjoy Thai traditional massage

Thai massage is one of the ancient Thai medical culture, has a long history, the ancient Thai royal family to use it as a physical fitness and treatment of physical strain one of the methods. At present, Thailand is the most developed in Southeast Asia SPA and massage the most developed countries, where the service meticulous, physiotherapy products are pure and pure, and the price is very approachable, is every trip to Thailand to ease the exhaustion of tourists the best choice. Bangkok's Reclining Buddha Temple opened a massage school even under the auspices of the royal family, and set up campuses in various places to become the cradle of Thai excellent masseurs.



Visit the mysterious Buddha temple

Buddhism is the Catholic Church of Thailand, Buddhism accounted for more than Jiucheng population, Thailand, Buddhism in the life of a man must be a monk. Bangkok, Thailand is the world's largest Buddhist temple and known as the "Buddhist capital." Thailand's Buddhist temple architectural style is different, each dynasty Buddhist temple has its own distinctive features, the temple of the city and Chiang Mai temples are not the same, to the temple a prayer, pray for a year of good luck. Chiang Kai-shek's Khitan Temple and Ssangyong Temple have a long history, is willing to pray to the temple, the city and Sukhothai stone temple also attracted tens of millions of tourists to go to worship. If you want to experience more fun, go to Thailand tours.

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