Waterford & Wexford, Ireland

by Wendie May. 28, 2008 1373 views

We took a long 2.5 hour journey through Kilkenny to Waterford and saw the Waterford Crystal Factory. Then we drove up the coastal route, stopping at a beach and in Wexford for a drink before heading home to Tallagh via Enniscorty

Sam and I made the long drive down to Waterford, Ireland in the rain but the landscape was really nice and very lush green. Still not sure what they are growing though.

we passed this really cool church in KilKenny but didn't get to stop. Maybe next time we'll get to browse around town as KilKenny seems really nice and there are a lot of local attractions.

View of the river as you enter Waterford.

The Waterford Crystal showroom.

How the handle gets on the pitcher: First this guy puts the pitcher in a hot oven and takes it out and looks at it.

Then he fires it and the other (bald) guy gets a stick with hot crystal on it and places it at right spot on the pitcher. The stripped shirt guy then makes a few cuts with a tool and swings it around a few times until the handle is in the perfect spot and he affixes the other end.

Then he looks at it again and makes sure it is correct.

This is how they blow glass to make the original shape either by blowing and touching it with a tool or blowing it directly into a metal cast.

And here we have the finished product. Sam standing next to a racing trophy. They told us they make 3 copies, one for the show room, and one to send out before the event with another a day later. Waterford then sends a master engraver to the event all expenses paid and at the end he has 5 minutes to engrave the winners name on the crystal. Amazing.

This guy is making the deep V shaped cut on a diamond studded wheel. They apparently go through apprenticeships of 5-10 years to learn this.

Glass that has recently been cut.

Thsi guy is making the flat cuts that go on the base. He made me cross the line to feel how smooth his cuts were. The Irish charm in action.

This is the work of master engravers who free hand engrave the designs on the crystal.

This was the engraver as he wrote “Ireland 2008” on Sam's mom's heart shaped candy dish. It was so cute he even put leaves on it.

After walking around Waterford we got hungry so we went to our favorite place!! Except we realized that we don't like Irish McDonalds because they got our order wrong, they wear shiny pants and their trash compacter trash cans are difficult to opperate.

We decided to do a “coastal” drive back but we didn't get very close to the coast even though we mapped it. We ended up looking for a light house and only found a shipping dock so we ventured a little off the normal route and found this random beach.

After stopping for a brief rest to pick up shells for my niece we ran around and took some photos.

then we carried on to Wexford to see the boats and stopped into a cute pub.

The pub was defiitely a little more “home town” than the Dublin pubs and we got to see the UK/USA friendly football game for a little bit while enjoying our drinks.

Wexford, Ireland

We stopped in Enniscorthy and saw this castle, it looked very in tact and like someone was living in it because of the window blinds.

This is a picture of our room in Tallagh, pretty nice huh? Brand new hotel and across from a shopping mall =)

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