Uganda pics from 4th of July weekend

by Wendie July. 19, 2010 1317 views

These are some of my favorite pics from my Uganda trip over the 4th of July weekend. I had a fantastic time visiting my friends and family in UG. I was really sad to hear about the terrorist acts in Kampala the week after I left. scary stuff. Despite all that, my trip to UG was amazing and long over due. It was cool to see things that changed drastically and things that were still the same but somehow improved.

View of Entebbe from the air

Fred, one of the young gentlemen that I sponsor for school with the Obama Kanga.

Fred with a little Noah's ark that we found at the craft store. It was pretty funny the animals were all lop-sided

Jaja Munwevyu with his Panga. Good thing it was wrapped up. hehe. He's awesome, so glad he's still healthy and happy.

Since I left in 2006 Tendo has grown up and is a remarkable young lady now, and we got a new addition to the family, baby Nicole.

Baby Nicole playing with the wrap that I brought for Aunt Annie and sitting with her mom, Sarah.

Despite the scared look on her face, Nicole wasn't frightened by my mzungu-ness

Here's Aunt Annie outside her beautiful home. I love the gardens here, they are amazing.

The street leading up to Annie's house, typical Kampala street..

typical Kampala traffic

Boda boda!! with random animal scene behind

This little girl was so cute, for a 2 year old she knew a lot of english! She was so cute and said she would go home with me. But of course we gave her back to her mom.

The scene from the window of our coaster on a very bumpy 3 hour journey to Masaka. That's Gonja in the window… yumm roasted banana…

random scenery

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