Tanzania 2013- The arrival

by Wendie December. 08, 2013 1642 views

Just a few pics from the first part of our trip…and my birthday dinner with Kate, Christen & Said!

First leg of the trip- bumpiest flight ever. 9 hours to Zurich with turbulence the whole flight. I was feeling yacking…but then again everyone on the flight felt like they were gonna yack. This is a view of the snow from the flight over Zurich.

Nacho and bananas had a long ride in the bag- which neither of them were happy about. As you can see from Nacho's face, he almost had to throw up on bananas…almost.

Sunrise somewhere over Kenya. As we passed Southern Sudan I was wondering what the situation was there, then we landed and found out the situation was worse than we thought.

Dar weekend traffic

Dalla Dalla anyone?? Alex kept taking pictures of all the weird sayings on the bajajis (tricycle taxi) and the dalla dalls (local bus).

Laying around the Said residence after a tiring time trying to play with Noya.

Kili- best beer in East Africa… well it's as good as Nile beer. If you can find either one check them out.

Noya monkey runs around so fast we had to put a random video with 90's parents singing kid songs. I think Alex is singing along.

Chunky birthday girl eating chunky chocolate cake.. Ohh yeah..best birthday cake and party I've had in a while.

It's a Dar 2010 reunion! Kate, Christen, Said and I eating food as usual. =) So good to see these guys right where I left them.

Azam Vanilla ice cream, it's not like Thrifty's/Rite Aid ice cream but it's good for Dar standards. And Texas chocolate cake from scratch a la Christen was amazing and yummy.

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