Dar weekend with the Saids

by Wendie December. 09, 2013 1921 views

Weekend visit to the market, craft stores and other shenanigans in Dar es Salaam hosted by my buddies Christen & Said, and their daughter Noya. Noya is quite the entertainer but it's so hard to get a picture of her because she's always on the move.

Start of the rainy season but happy the afternoon monsoon and flash flood didn't hinder our craft market shopping.

Noya and her dad Said, this was one of the few clear pictures we caught of this little one. She's always on the move and comes out blurry…

Noya found Nacho and bananas and both of them survived but claim to be traumatized from being dropped while Noya runs around.

We stopped for dafu (fresh coconut milk), the little monkey likes dafu.

I told Alex to follow Said around and learn how to barter…so he tried to learn how to buy crips (chips/crisps). The confused look on his face indicates he didn't learn much since Said talks so fast. lol.

Which one of these things is not like the others??????????? hahaha. Alex with his elephant tourist T-shirt…ohh by the way…it has a huge elephant butt on the back of the shirt.

Hot mess this boy of mine.

Nacho thought about buying a dafu stand in Dar but he figured the coco-water industry was already saturated.

We also went to the hidden market in Dar…also known as the Indian market because most of the buyers are Indian…and well us.

See…we totally don't look like the Indian families and since this is pre-tan…definitely not Indian. But the fruit at this random block/market was pretty cool. Christen showed us some new fruits.

Avocado!! man i wish i had these right now.

Said doing his happy dance after bartering with everyone for the best fruit and veggies.

Noya monkey sleepy girl ready for a nap after our hidden market adventure.

Barges lined up along the coast of Dar waiting to come into port with their goods… sometimes the line takes several days.

Said continuing to act weird when we got home. Could be all the dafu he's drinking.

Wendie pretending to eat the custard apple…the wrong way.

Alex attempting to eat the custard apple the right way but he got impatient.

sweet little ndizi bananas….how i missed you guys.

Good thing we stay with gourmet Tanzanian' chef Said cuz we had awesome leftovers to make a buffet…score!

wooden dhow boat for a wine rack and hand carved island in zanzibar door style… man they have nice furniture.

Crazy Noya entertainment for days, especially watching her climb on top of stuff using her head for leverage. lol.

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