Zanzibar's east coast beaches

by Wendie December. 10, 2013 2117 views

The first day in Zanzibar we took a ton of pictures of us laying around the hotel. We spent like $90 in food this day because the food was priced in dollars- $15 pizza! but our room was nice, only a minor flood due to a leaky toilet which was fixed. We took a walk on the beach and found a huge hotel with a nice bar and cheaper drinks! score!

Flying over Dar es Salaam always makes me feel like I've only seen 1% of the sprawling city. Check out the density. Guess it is good they don't have door to door mail service, how the heck would anyone know what their address is?

after a short 20 minute flight with captain Lulu we were in Zanzibar! woohoo…alex is enjoying the ride.

Banana trees!! I missed these guys, true sign you are in the tropics.

Zanzibar is majority Muslim, saw a few mosques while driving around but this one looked like the nicest one as we drove across Zanzibar

Lion bed!!! our room was pretty nice and reasonably priced..

nice furnishings, etc.

good sized closet and bathroom except the toilet leaked for the first 2 days and caused a mini flood. ugh..

It's kili time!!! such a good beer… huge bottles…but $5 bucks each at our ‘resort’? rip off, these should be like 4,000 shillings max.

It's Kili time.

Alexander Pen relaxing

Relaxing time for Alex..since he didn't bring a book he just rested…a lot.

Bandas/Palapas, either way I love these things.

chilling on the beach time!

I told Alex if he wanted to buy stuff he had to go barter with the lady in Swahili and he did!!

Alex excited his random swahili worked.. he only over paid a little. :)

triumphant Alex with his Swahili skills.

Sponge!!! One of the beach boys took us way out during low tide and saw a sponge that spewed purple ink…so weird!

so many sea urchins!!! so many

Me holding a purple sea urchin

Alex was not happy with me during this adventure out to sea with the beach boy that kept telling us he was going to show us a huge red starfish. =/ We didn't see the star fish but did successfully navigate a whole bunch of sea urchins everywhere.

Say queso!

Cows on the beach in Africa, somehow they are always around and chillin on the beach. Seems like a nice life, until someone orders steak instead of fish.

The beach boys are pretty enterprising. They speak German, English, Spanish, Italian and Swahili…yet somehow they spend their days chillin on the beach slanging stuff for whatever they can make. We didn't trust their services either..but we still ended up with a dude just like them arranged through the hotel.

The pizza at our resort was very good, and also expensive. But still very good quality. The fruit drinks on happy hour 2 for 1 were good too…also expensive.

The decor at the resort was pretty cool, later they decorated for a canibal party that happens on Fridays. Our friends Anna and Inga stayed for the party but we left…no idea what goes down at the canibal party but the decorations looked cool.

Since the drinks/food at our hotel were sort of expensive, we found a huge resort that was very nice and welcomed us to drink at their bar, despite a sign that said “no cash”. The Oasis Paradiso was pretty big and the pool was nice but the rooms were soooo expensive so we just drank here and slept at our resort. hehe.

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