Zanzibar Day Tours- Spice Farm & Stone Town

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We had a fun time with our new friends from Norway, Anna and Inga. They are amazing occupational therapists who are so fun to hang out with. We had a blast on our spice and stone town tour adventures.

This is our tour guide, Michael Jackson. Well I don't remember his name but he was pretty cool, he talked about Michael Jackson a lot. He also talked about all the different spices grown in Zanzibar and how they grow, dry and process spices for sale.

At the beginning of the tour we all received a cone to collect all the spices along the way. I think pepper is in there and some other stuff…

Ohhh the infamous ginger plant. According to the guide ginger is like natural viagra for men, lol! But this ginger was so strong a tiny little bit was super spicy. If we got fresh ginger like that in the US it would be in all my food…so good. Also notice the helper dude making stuff by hand in the background.

Meet Anna and Inga! They are occupational therapists from Norway studying in Moshi, Tanzania. After their practicum they decided to have fun and we were so happy to have their company on all the tours in Zanzibar. And also glad to have other people who speak English! yay! (even though they claimed they didn't speak English very well)

Cinnamon! According to Alex… I have no idea what this is… all spices start looking the same after a while.

Some random seeds that turn your skin orange- used for local lipstick. Looks great on men and women!

King and queen of the jungle! check out all the stuff helper dude was putting together while we were on tour! so amazing. He made all these while we were walking from leaves and stuff along the way!

Random red seeds…

Did you know pineapples don't grow on trees??? They are plants that take a really long time to grow each one..which is why they are so expensive. Except in Africa these babies are awesome and cheap!

As part of the tour one of the local guys demonstrated how to climb a coconut tree while we got to drink fresh coconut milk. It wasp pretty cool, he sung the Jambo Jambo song

We're only engaged in Zanzibar…don't get too excited kids.

Me! With the froggy necklace

Nacho king of the Incas claims Zanzibar as part of his empire…. the Zanzibaris offered him a local hat

After our spice tour we went on a tour of Stone Town which is famous for the intricate carvings on wooden doors hundreds of years old

The guide explained the styles to us, basically the carvings on the doors indicated what the families that lived in the building did for a living. Floral patterns represented spice trading and cultivation. The spikes were supposed to keep elephants away although no evidence exists that elephants were on Zanzibar and actually charged doors.

The fish scales in this door represented one of the occupant families who fished or were fishermen.

The chains on the far side of the door going up the frame indicate one of the families living in this building traded slaves. All of the carvings act like business cards advertising the businesses of the building residents.

This phone booth is in the middle of a crooked intersection up high on a pole… not the most convenient but certainly worth a try if you're desperate.

View of the former slave market and just beyond the only christian church in Zanzibar. On the tour we learned a lot about slave trade in Zanzibar and how hard it was to stop. Also learned a lot about Dr. Livingstone who apparently had a strong presence in Zanzibar trying to end the slave trade. This was an interesting tie to our next destination- Victoria Falls/Livingstone, Zambia.

Huge fish in the fish market. This place was smelly but the fish were super fresh!

I love the signs in Africa… Rice prices indicating how good the quality is. Notice the Super Mbeya must be way better than the regular Mbeya.

Taxi dudes chilling in front of the house of wonders

Yay Day Trip! Chillin with the girls after a long day of walking

Cannons… just in case.

View from Africa House bar where we were supposed to watch the sunset but it was hot and taking forever so we ended up leaving after eating a good meal and having some expensive beers.

Zanzibar lion

Spaghetti at Africa House… so good.

Two tired tourists

Nacho and Bananas chillin at the Africa House patio and bar after a long day hustling in Stone Town.

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Enjoyed the entire set! Thanks for sharing all these wonderful pictures with us!

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