Zanzibar snorkeling

by Wendie December. 12, 2013 1421 views

Another fun day with the girls- we all went on a half day snorkeling adventure to Mnemba Island off the east coast of Zanzibar. The first snorkeling site looked great but had tiny jellyfish everywhere so we found some dolphins roaming around and then snorkeled near a dive wall. All in all a good trip. We also got to see a little of the village life in Matamwe.

Love the kid with the basket hat and a pineapple who met us in Matamwe, a village 20 mins north of our hotel. The kid must be a local tour guide hustla cuz he was the right hand man for our guide dude Abro.

This is Ali,our boat captain and super cool dude. He owns 2 boats and is a local mogul..he also steps on mad sea urchins every day in flip flops and doesn't get hurt… crazy!

Inga and Anna walking with Alex on the way to our boat!

Village of Matamwe with cows and a local woman. The small building is a fish market where we saw the local fishermen taking a huge sowrd fish just caught from the ocean…directly to the market.

Local boys hustling fish…. these little ones were hilarious! They wanted to charge me for pictures and anything else they could take us for. Too many tourists must be coming through here.

Our lovely Norwegian friends Anna and Inga on another adventure! I love these girls!

silly alex looking the wrong way…

Nacho looking in the amazingly clear water off the coral coast near Matamwe,Zanzibar

Abro kept telling us stories about Bill Gates owning the super expensive hotel on this island…but who knows. The snorkeling and dive sites were nearby the island and the water really was this blue… no filters!

Check out the dolphins!! Anna and Inga tried to catch up with these guys, they swam their butts off to see these guys dive down super deep then come shooting up out of the water.. Definitely a highlight of the day.

Under water camera!!! The camera itself wasn't that good but I did like taking photos while snorkeling… or at least trying to.

Check out Alex and Ali snokeling

More under water camera action… although i think this coral is dying because we saw a lot of signs of bleaching, which is bad for coral. so sad.

Mermaid Anna wandered off but we found her eventually.

Check out the detail in the bubbles as Inga swims around..amazing. The camera did have a pretty awesome under water mode. great detail!

We finally saw a red starfish!!! Ali dove down to the bottom so we could see it up close.

Yep…that's what I look like when snorkeling.

I swear there are fish in here somewhere!!!

More sea urchins

And now Alex is out of the water.. no more snorkeling for him.

snacking with the girls after snorkeling

Post snorkeling walk on the beach.

kids walking in Matamwe…shortly before this when we got off the boat some kids ran up to the boat for the pineapple and bananas we didn't eat. They devoured it in seconds and one random naked kid ran up and down the beach with the plate on his head, it was pretty funny

When we got back to the hotel Nacho and Bananas had to take a nap because they had too much fun on the boat.

And Alex caught some sun


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