Zanzibar to Dar Rest Days are the best days

by Wendie December. 13, 2013 1353 views

Two days of rest before traveling to our next destination. Whew. Enjoyed some more chill time with Christen, Said and Noya

Little Noya Monkey chilling on the table watching little kid videos

This is Noya getting in the box with all her toys, a minute later she spilled them all out on the floor.

Burnt me trying to take a picture with Noya but she kept moving!

We took a trip to Mwenge wood carver's market and saw Said's fundi who makes all their wood furniture that is so awesome. We only bought a small zanzibar door but it looks awesome in our house and nice to know who made it!

Noya playing the drums and running around Mwenge

Earrings!! I should have just bought one of each, they are so cool and I always try to pick out the most unique ones, but I never buy enough!

Said really liked this random guy on a bike so he bought it. lol!

all the beaded sandals are amazing but they never fit my wide feet!!

Just a teaser of all the goods that you can find at a shop, it's amazing how many things they have… it can be overwhelming if you don't have an idea of what you are looking for

Purses! I should have bought a few of these too

This guy,I had to rescue him from the back room of a shop where he was getting hustled by some guys who were selling him ‘ivory’

Amazing wood carvings made by hand… I wish I could have one of each! So beautiful

The Said family chilling at Mwenge

This guy successfully bought 2 paintings and some other goods

Mchina Classic!!!

Here are more Noya monkey photos

Noya avoiding going to sleep by climbingon the table. lol.

A few pics of us before bed on the last night with our hosts! love these guys!

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