Travel days- Botswana to Zambia, Zambia to South Africa, South Africa to UAE, UAE to US

by Wendie December. 19, 2013 5379 views

Some random photos from our last day and a half traveling from Botswana back to Zambia, then our long journey home from Zambia to South Africa to the United Arab Emirates finally back to the US on a 15 hour flight! whew… we were tired.

Nacho and bananas last pic in Africa…nacho has since claimed he conquered Zambia and Botswana.

Alex playing with his stick…walking stick

A few pics from the inn we stayed at, it was pretty nice. Called The Old House in Botswana. Highly recommended!

Back across the Zambia border in Kazungula

Alex and I sought shelter from the rain while waiting for our rasta taxi driver Mike

The last night we stayed in a place called The Green Tree Lodge in Livingstone Zambia. Amazing place, cute rooms and gourmet chef owner! Great place to stay

The green tree lodge, Livingstone, Zambia

View of a big tree at the lodge that dropped these purple fruits that bats come to eat at night. Also the poor groundskeeper has to clean them all every day when bats come back and drop more every night. Job security.

Last minute shopping trip in Livingstone, Zambia! Alex bartered in the market for another walking stick for my colleague, so we traded my Nalgene bottle for a $10 discount

This is the shop keeper who made the deal, he wanted it for his son! So cute. Apparently they have a local drink that he's gonna send his kid to school with as breakfast. Good trade!

Nacho and bananas hanging out looking at the pool

The very nice owner of the green tree lodge, Andrew, took us to the Livingstone airport where we flew to Johannesburg, South Africa. This is Alex messing around drinking a local beer he bought at the Duty Free shop, but he didn't have a beer opener. He asked 5 airport staff before someone found a way to get it open.

Our Etihad aircraft we took from South Africa to Abu Dabhi, UAE…we didn't realize thus was the easy layover with nice amenities in a manageable sized airport. Abu Dabhi airport was huge, expensive and the hide the bathrooms. The final leg of our flights was 15 hours straight from Abu Dabhi to Washington DC

Houston's at Joberg airport

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