The Hawaii of China - Sanya, Hainan

by Wesley Daniels March. 02, 2017 1270 views

A few years ago I went on a trip to Sanya, Hainan, China. This is a small island at the very south of China and is known as the Hawaii of China (just because its an island I suppose). It really is a beautiful place but a visit there must be timed well as it can get extremely busy (we went at end of October so we missed the October holiday rush). Here are a few of my best pictures from the trip. 

Buddhist Temple in Sanya

We were able to go on a few tours and were able to see the most popular sights including Monkey Island, Nanshan Temple, Yalong Bay and Yanoda Tropical Rain forest. 

Yanonda Tropical Rain Forest trail

Scene from the Yanoda Tropical Rain Forest (its a bit too HDR but was something I was into at the time)

This was a beautiful place with waterfalls and wildlife which lead up to a peak where we were able to see the whole of Yalong Bay.

Monkeys running wild on Monkey Island

Monkey Island was amazing as it has so many wild monkeys running around. You take a cable car up to the island where you can then walk around and interact with them.

A chilled out monkey

Nanshan Temple with its 108m-high Guan Yin bronze statue on an artificial island

This Buddhist Temple was one of the highlights. It is huge and when up close you really feel its presence. It has 3 sides to her face which I heard was to protect the island from natural disasters (and since it was built none have occurred).

Also part of the Nanshan Island was this beautiful temple. One of my best shots too

Pheonix Island from a boat trip

As you can see, Sanya is a beautiful place. Its definitely part of China that would not really be "on the list" for a tourist but if you live in China it definitely would be. Lovely weather, great food, beautiful beaches and lots to do.

I hope this was interesting and I hope you like the pictures.

More to come soon


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Michael Mcmulkin 4 years, 7 months ago

A really excellent set of pictures. Thank you for the story, very inspirational.

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Heike 4 years, 7 months ago

Really great photos and an informative story !

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