Vegas Strip Blur.

by Paula Wallis January. 04, 2018 494 views

This feels like every ride I've had in the back of a cab on the Vegas strip. All just a blur of neon and sound and crazy. Only this time I can't blame the blur on alcohol and Hangover movie-style debauchery. It's purely the fault of me and my 50mm killing time in the back of the cab as we waded through holiday traffic to get to a show (Circus 1903!)

Just returned from a Christmas spent in Vegas with my husband and daughter and a couple of friends. And while it wasn't our typical "weekend in Vegas" (how could it be, with our 8 year old in tow?), it was no less enjoyable. Don't let anyone ever tell you Vegas ain't for kids, because we had a blast!

Still. Next time I'm going kid-free ;-)

The Vegas Strip

The Vegas Strip

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