Gearhart, Oregon.

by Paula Wallis January. 31, 2018 910 views
The beach at Gearhart, Oregon

The beach at Gearhart, Oregon

Despite getting our Westie promptly buried hubcap deep upon our arrival at the beach in Gearhart, Oregon, this was one of my favourite stops along the road trip.

I still find it mind boggling that you can right onto the beach in so many places in Oregon and California. AND have a campfire! Whaaaat? If that was allowed on the beaches in my area (Vancouver, BC) I guarantee you the beach would be packed with a thousand vehicles on a nightly basis and campfires going all over the place. Which is why it's not allowed and would get shut down pretty fast if they were ever to allow it.

Still, I was astounded to make our way down to the beach and see miles and miles of....nothing.

A friendly local saw our predicament when we discovered the sand was much softer than originally anticipated and jogged right over to dig us out with a shovel he had on hand (probably for moronic tourists such as ourselves). After that we shared a beer with him and his family and then he offered us their bonfire on the beach, as they were taking off and it seemed a shame to douse a perfectly good fire. You don't have to ask me twice!

Man, I love Oregon.

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Antonio Gil 2 years, 8 months ago

Love the yellowish hue in this image

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